• Montse Azaguirre

A picture tells a thousand words. Video works!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Video is a stream of moving pictures and it works! Within seconds you can make the audience feel, happy, sad, anger, amazement, wonder and much more.

We like to learn through visualisation, we love to see emotion through the lens.

Movies, video games, music clips, the news, commercials, even online learning - is all nothing without video.

I grew up watching only two television networks, every night the news streamed into the lounge room, every Saturday night the family watched 'Hey Hey it's Saturday' and Sunday afternoon's were the Hollywood movie trilogy (a western, a drama and a comedy). I never forgot those moments.

It got me hooked and I began a love for TV and video. I understood it's power.

It can create everlasting messages through simple shots and make you want to buy a knife that cuts through shoes at 3am in the morning! Now that's amazing!

In my 20 years of working in the media whether it was as a travel show coordinator a commercial producer or producing my own TV pilot for National Geographic, I learnt that if you want to sell or get a message across, then let the eyes be the vehicle.

Let the camera engage your clients or your audience, let it capture unforgettable moments, let them see and hear your voice or simply let it share your world.

I believe we each have a story to tell, we use our hobbies or our work or family to do it physically, but why not take it to the next level. Use video as doorway for your business or your passion.


Brisbane, Queensland


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